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Battle Report Month Battle 4: Star Trek: Ascendancy


Oh no! Battle Report month has come to an end. But we’re going out in galaxy-spanning fashion with a very special 3 player game of Star Trek: Ascendancy!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed Battle Report Month – it’s been great fun sending out these sometimes shambolic but hopefully always amusing videos. Hopefully they communicate something of my attitude to gaming: the attitude that permeates the Esoteric Order of Gamers. That is, to have fun, exercise the imagination, have a laugh, and enjoy the company of good friends. You’ll notice that full attention to getting the rules exactly right isn’t in that list, which is probably one of the reasons why this crazy obsession with making rules summaries started in the first place.

But back to our last game of the month (well, second last, if you’re a Steward-level backer or higher), and it’s a very special one, because for the first time I’ve roped in another player. Allow me to introduce the inestimable Dylan, who not only is an excellent fellow, but lives nearby, so doesn’t have to take a plane from Sydney every time we want to play a few games (thanks Will!) In fact we play a game or two every Tuesday night, and he is always exceptionally good company. Here he is thrown into the deep end in his first battle report video: how did he handle the pressure? Watch and see. Please join me in making him welcome and we may even convince him to appear in some more videos.

Don’t forget to hit the ‘subscribe’ button on my YouTube channel, and remember, if you want to see the special bonus War of the Ring battle report in a few days, there’s still time to sign up to become a Steward-level or higher EOG supporter. You know it makes sense!


  • The8thPagan says:

    I see wabbits… although admittedly I had to Google the last one…

    Peter Rabbit…. Beatrix Potter

    Dylan the Rabbit… Magic Roundabout

    Will Rabbit… (Technically Bill)… is an artist.

  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Need to get that on the table for sure…looks like great fun. And maybe buy a 4th race from the start….

    • Soulsorcerer says:

      Oh…and welcome Dylan…nice to see you play. Doing great on video…so keep it up…so we see more games played ;-P

    • I’ve just received the Cardassians and the Ferengi … adding a fourth play will increase player time by at least another hour though, apparently.

  • AndyC says:

    Great game – well worth playing with the Borg, to add some assimilating tension to the table.
    Rules out of the box are a bit messy, but check out the Unauthorised ST: Ascendancy rules, available on – has loads of FAQs and feedback from the designers, plus amalgamating all the rules into one (meaty) bundle.

    Just played an epic battle with the Cardassian / Ferenghi / Klingon / Romulan factions versus the Borg (on easy setting).
    The sneaky Romulans were beaten to victory by a Klingon-Cardassian draw (the Klingons thwarted by a revenge attack by the broken Ferenghi).
    A triumph for the bad boys of Star Trek.

    • Thanks Andy, I did look through the unauthorised rules when I made my summary, though not in the huge detail it goes into! Hopefully my summary will make the game easier to play for those who want a shorter, clearer summary. I must check out the Borg expansion.

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