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Blowpipes Versus Flame Throwers: A Warcry Battle Report!

When I catch him, I will peel his skin and have him watch me wear it.

It’s a brand new Warcry battle report!

You know, I’d forgotten what a great skirmish system Games Workshop’s Warcry is. It’s easy to remember, the warbands have lots of character, and there are enough interesting decisions in there to set it apart from the usual Warhammer fare and give it a personality all its own. In this highly enjoyable battle report, Peter and Dylan see what happens when a bunch of Rotmire Creed armed with blowpipes go up against the Horns of Hashut – and yep, they’ve got a flamethrower – in a quest to be the last man standing on the top of a realmshaper engine in the depths of the Gnarlwood!

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