Skirmish combat in the mortal realms.

Games Workshop really took a step forward with this fast and furious skirmish miniatures game set in their Age of Sigmar universe. The most exciting thing about it is that it finally breaks free of the clunky ‘roll to hit, roll to wound, roll to save’ sequence that, in my opinion, has been holding GW games back for decades. Instead it’s a quick, single Strength vs Toughness die roll. Not only that, but there are pre-set warbands with text-free reference cards using simple icons (‘runemarks’) and pictures of the actual miniatures. You can use your existing figures if you buy their cards, but I love these new, stylish warbands that don’t really belong to any of the old factions. But wait, there’s more innovation here! All the chore of setup is done away with by using a set of cards showing terrain setups, deployments, objectives and twists.

Frankly, for time-poor gamers like me who can’t afford to spend every waking moment creating army lists and collecting models, this is a fantastic system, and its ease of setup and play makes it a game I’ll keep going back to. Warcry really did get me excited again about Games Workshop skirmish games.

Three years later and we have a new starter set an a series of faction and terrain sets set in a mysterious jungle forest in the middle of Ghur, Land of Beasts, featuring some very nice weird trees and bamboo structures. The rules have been tweaked with the addition of some reactions to make the system more interactive, but otherwise things remain very similar. There’s a huge range of very imaginative warbands to choose from, and an updated Compendium book that updates the stats for them all. Warcry lives!

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2023 2.3 Added clarifications to missile attacks targeting fighters within 1″ of friendly fighters
Aug 2023 2.2 Updated rampage and deadly terrain according to new FAQ
Feb 2023 2.1 Fixed monster abilities dice requirements
Oct 2022 2 Updated for the newest version of the rules
Jan 2020 1.2 Errata changes; added universal abilities to summary
Aug 2019 1.1 Fixed impact damage
Aug 2019 1 Original release


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