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Council of 4 v1

Council of 4

Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick; a shadow on the wall.

Corrupt councilors, influence nobles, and build your trade empire with the Council of 4 rules summary.

In between huge Kickstarter campaigns packed full of miniatures, CMON have quietly been releasing some beautifully produced boardgames that have gone slightly under the radar. So it was for Council of 4, a gorgeous-looking game of corrupting councils and building trade empires.

Trade empires? That’s not normally your thing! I hear you cry. Well, no, but when this game popped up on sale recently I couldn’t resist, especially after reading the positive reviews on Boardgamegeek. And I certainly won’t say no to a bit of route building and set collection, especially when it’s wrapped up in such a lavish package that doesn’t overstay its welcome. I have yet to get it to the table and form my own opinions, but in the meantime I have managed to whip up this rules summary for you. It’s a one-sheet summary, so it also acts as an in-game reference. Enjoy!

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