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Deadzone 3rd Edition v1


The missiles are flying! Hallelujah!

Exterminate the enemy on distant planets with your Deadzone: Third Edition rules summary and reference!

Wow, I’ve done THREE Deadzone rules summaries now! We’re up to Third Edition, with even more streamlined rules and a new 2 player starter set that features the GCPS (‘Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere’) marines, and the rat-like Veer-Myn (geddit?). It’s a great value set with those two factions in hard plastic (and a couple of resin models), a generous amount of terrain of terrain fully compatible with the old sets, and 2 thick softcover books, one of which features Deadzone stats for all the miniatures in their scifi Warpath line.

While Mantic still make it extremely difficult for beginners for some strange reason, at least this time there’s a starting scenario on one side of the paper map, and a Getting Started leaflet. You’ll still need help constructing the miniatures though – check out my ‘How to Build’ video in the column of links to the right (and this old video about building and painting the terrain still applies), and of course, download my brand new rules summary and reference below when you start playing. And watch out for a battle report!

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