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Doom: the Board Game Foamcore Box Insert Plans v1

Doom: the Board Game

It was his first mission!

Organise your demons with the Doom: the Board Game foamcore box insert plans!

As I’ve no doubt mentioned, I’ve made a foamcore box insert for just about every game in my collection. I’d love to create plans for each and every one of them, but they take a while to make, so it’s a long term project! But fear not: Jonathan White is helping me by contributing some of his own, and I’m also slowly working my way though my games.

So here’s my next one, a plan to help you whip up your own foamcore box insert for 2016’s Doom: the Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games. As always, check out my videos on the subject if you’re not experienced; the links are in the document. And be sure to measure twice cut once—it’s always possible there’s an error in there, and I’d hate you to waste your foamcore. Finally, modify as you see fit, this is just my way of storing the components for this game—you may have better ideas!

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  • Andy from Scotland says:

    One of my Lockdown ambitions is start foamcoring my boardgame collection – these plans will be a handy addition to how to get them done.

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