Doom the Board Game

Go to hell – and never come back

The computer game Doom was first converted to a board game by Fantasy Flight back in 2004, and it’s ingenious custom dice system (later to be adapted for Descent and numerous other games) was something fresh and new in the world of dungeoncrawlers. Along with a bunch of spectacular miniatures, it made the game something special.

Twelve years later and the video game has been revamped, so why not revamp the board game too? And it’s been freshened up even more with a card-driven action system and a pile of miniatures that are among the best FFG have ever made. It’s fast, furious, and fun, and the only disappointing thing is that there’s no longer any reason to play the original version anymore. Though like retro video gaming, maybe it will come back in vogue one day …

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
May 2020 1 Foamcore plans original release
Aug 2017 1 Original release


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