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Dune: Betrayal v1

Dune: Betrayal

Dreams are messages from the deep.

Plot and scheme to warden of Dune with your Dune: Betrayal rules summary and reference!

Rember that long, long time when there were no Dune-themed games? Those days have gone now and we have a wealth of games in Frank Herbert’s universe, including this compact social deduction game from Gale Force Nine. And considering the constant backstabbery that is such a feature of his books, it seems the perfect theme for such a game.

GF9 sent me a copy, but unfortunately, it’s a difficult time to get 4-8 players together, so I haven’t yet had an opportunity to try it out. It’s nicely produced and the rules look solid, allowing you to play as either nobles or fighters from House Atreides or House Harkonnen, but for now I’ll just be giving you this rule summary to make learning and playing the game a bit easier. For more information, here’s a recent very positive review on Boardgamegeek. As soon as I have a chance to play I’ll let you know what I think!

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