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Eldritch Horror v3

By January 15, 2015January 26th, 2015Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Eldritch Horror

I was nearly unnerved at my proximity to a nameless thing at the bottom of a pit.

Mountains of Madness expansion rules added to the Eldritch Horror rules summary and reference.

Fantasy Flight’s ‘son-of-Arkham-Horror’, Eldritch Horror, has only made it to the table once since I bought it, though I found it enjoyable enough. I think that players have to be in the mood for it’s semi-roleplaying, almost-entirely-random charms. I’ve also not yet got the second expansion, Mountains of Madness, despite being a great fan of the original Lovecraft story; which by the way is a pet movie project by Guillermo del Toro, though yet to see the light of day because of the costs involved and his desire to not water it down to a PG13 rating.

Be that as it may, and I feel I’m rambling, possibly due to the fact I have the flu—here’s my update of the Eldritch Horror summary sheets to include the new expansion. Enjoy!


  • Of Miniatures and Meeples says:

    My copy of Mountains of Madness arrived yesterday and lo! I knew there was a reason I donate!

    Disclaimer: No private arrangement monetarily motivated has occurred between myself and UH. Or did I just describe a donation?!?

    Anyway, fun coincidence! This game is a favourite for more than gameplay. Will start a topic on that.

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