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Eldritch Horror v5

Eldritch Horror

Ultimate horror often paralyses memory in a merciful way.

The Eldritch Horror rules summary and reference now includes all the expansions – revamped so they’re easier to use!

Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror is working hard to sire the same plethora of expansions that its progenitor Arkham Horror did, and it was only when I downloaded all the rules PDFs today that I realised I was outrageously behind in summarising them all. So I put aside half a day’s productive work in order to bring you a completely revised rules summary and reference! I quickly realised I was repeating myself with much of the information in the expansions, so I consolidated the repeated info and got all the expansion rules on two pages. That’s Forsaken Lore, Signs of Carcosa, Strange Remnants, Cities in Ruin, Mountains of Madness, The Dreamlands, Under the Pyramids, and Masks of Nyarlathotep. Whew! Oh, and there’s a black and white version for those of you wanting to save on ink.

I’m sure you’ll find it all very useful. Now go save the world from ultimate cosmic terror, will ya?


  • The8thPagan says:

    Thanks for update. I want to buy Dreamlands and Masks, but so rarely get to play. Only ever played solo, but I do like it and don’t win often, but usually very close. Often it’s an epic monster that makes it impossible. Need someone strong enough to defeat the epic.

    • We played today – about 5-6 leisurely hours! Played with the Mountains of Madness expansion and actually won (I think it’s the first time I’ve played a full game, and certainly the first time I’ve won). A great game with a really good story. It’s a winner if you have the time to play. I did notice that we were quite lucky with the timing of Gate draws in relation to how the Omen track was going around, so we were never in danger of losing all our Doom.

  • The8thPagan says:

    Plays faster solo as you know the strategy and don’t have to discuss it. I use two investigators and takes 2-3 hours to complete.

  • Damon Asher says:

    This is outstanding and indispensable as always, Peter.

    I do have two suggestions for the player aid card.
    1) It would be nice if you could highlight the lines that tell you which actions cannot be done with monsters around (rest and acquire assets). I always forget those.
    2) Could you add the description of how to use resource tokens to the action description, as you did for focus?

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’m adding the first, but I’ll give the second a miss. I’ve described what you can do with resource tokens in the relevant action descriptions. If I also put those descriptions under ‘Gather Resources’ it would be very confusing. It’s different in the case of Focus tokens as those are used when resolving a test, and aren’t attached to actions.

      • Damon Asher says:

        Yes, I see your point on 2). I’d missed that you’d described the use of resource tokens under the Acquire Assets section!

    • Damon Asher says:

      One more suggestion for the Expansions page, under the Mysteries section: It would be good to specify that when Advancing the mystery, you place _one_ token or clue on the mystery.

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