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Evil High Priest v1

Evil High Priest

I still have human feelings.

Be the first to raise up your Great Old God with the Evil High Priest rules summary and reference.

A year or so ago I did an enjoyable stint working for Petersen Games on a couple of their Kickstarter campaigns: Evil High Priest and Planet Apocalypse. They were very nice people and it was a pleasant and busy experience, first writing and designing the rulebook for the former, and giving the latter a pretty comprehensive graphic overhaul.

So here’s the rules summary and play reference for Evil High Priest, a fun worker placement game where you are, well, evil high priests … sending out your insane cultists to gather resources and bring you closer to the wonderful day when you unleash your Great Old One. No doubt then to be gifted with a continent or two to do with as you please. But would you be happy? Well, who knows what makes the insane happy, but if it means being top dog in a world full of unspeakable cosmic monstrosities, then who am I to judge?

There’s an amazing amount of variety here (be sure to grab the two expansions) as the wide selection of cult boards shake things up with different special rules and thematic shenanigans. Some stunning monster art too. The optional cultist miniatures are wonderfully excessive in that Petersen Games way, but make things look even nicer. Lots of Cthuluesque fun.

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