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Fate of the Elder Gods v1

Fate of the Elder Gods

I’m not insane. You hear me? I’m not insane!

Summon your tentacled master with the Fate of the Elder Gods summary and reference!

At first I thought this Lovecraftian-themed worker placement game would be too similar in theme to Evil High Priest by Petersen Games (which actually came out second) but they are very different beasts (no pun intended). And of course, similar themes never put anyone off buying games (see zombies). Fate of the Elder Gods stands on its own as a very enjoyable entry in the ‘you are mad cultists trying to summon your great elder god’ genre.

The worker placement formula is enhanced by a deck of interesting spells and a curse deck that takes its queue from the Dead of Winter ‘Crossroads’ system and keeps players involved in other players’ turns. The production is great, the game is solid, and the Beasts From Beyond expansions adds some great monster miniatures. A great game all round from this previously unknown publisher.

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