Chaos in the Old World

Command secretive cultists, powerful warriors, and even Greater Daemons as you spread despair and destruction through the realms of Old World.

One of the first fruits of Fantasy Flight’s licence to use Games Workshop’s Old World background, Chaos in the Old World is a beautifully designed area control game that puts you in the shoes/paws/tentacles of the four Godlike Ruinous Powers of that milieu. Great fun, and it gets even better as you get to know its subtleties. This summary includes The Horned Rat expansion.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2011 2.1 Added clarification to the Corruption phase, as per FAQv2
Jun 2011 2 Added the Horned Rat expansion rules
Sep 2009 1.3 Very minor non-rules-related typos
Sep 2009 1.2 Very minor change making the order in the Summoning phase a bit clearer
Sep 2009 1.1 Small typo on page 1 fixed
Sep 2009 1 Original release

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