Beseech the gods of Olympus and release the most powerful mythical creatures of ancient Greece as you claw your way to the top.

A very nicely produced game set in ancient Greece complete with a panoply of mythological creatures. Hits that just-right mix between game mechanics and theme—and of course Cyclades finally gives you an excuse to shout “Release the Kraken!” during a game, which is never a bad thing.

This rules summary and reference includes the expansions Hades, Titans, Monuments, and the C3K Cyclades/Kemet crossover pack.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Oct 2017 5 Monuments expansion added
Jan 2017 4 Titans expansion added
Nov 2016 3.3 Fixed small typo and clarified order of God actions
Apr 2016 3.2 Fixed Sphinx illustration
Oct 2015 3.1 Fixed Hades Divine Favors
Oct 2015 3 Added C3K expansion
Apr 2015 2.2 Fix to Hades Module 1: Free Positioning (skip income on the first round)
Jul 2013 2.1 Typo under Empusa listing fixed
Aug 2013 2 Hades expansion added
Aug 2012 1.4 Temple and Chimera abilities clarified on reference sheet
Nov 2010 1.3 Clarifications to priest and harpy
Sep 2010 1.2 Better rewording here and there
Aug 2010 1.1 Starting gold error fixed, small improvements and typo fixes
Aug 2010 1 Original release


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