Dark World

An evil lord controls the dungeon in which the rest of the players fight monsters and gain treasure.

Dark World was Waddingtons’ early 90s foray into the Heroquest market, and they followed the same formula: lots of plastic and simple gameplay. The core game and the two expansions, Dragon’s Gate and Village of Fear, are pretty bad game-wise, but there’s some great plastic bits, especially in the spectacular Village. This rules summary is for the core game and the Village of Fear expansion.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2011 2 Village of Fear rules added
? 1 Original release


  • Anders says:

    The summary for Dark World links to Battle Masters instead!

  • Universal Head says:

    The Dark Lord and his pernicious influence no doubt! Error fixed.

  • WillOhio says:

    Awesome work! Now if we could just find someone to spend the money on the 3rd expansion to get it covered in the Rules Summary!

  • WillOHio says:

    Only saw the Village of Fear in the PDF Reference sheet. Is Dragons Gate not requiring its own page or was it included in one of the other 2 sheets?

    • Universal Head says:

      Ah, I have Dragon’s Gate but haven’t updated the sheet. Unfortunately it’s in storage at the moment …

  • Chris says:

    I am searching for a copy of the Rules to the Dragon’s Gate expansion. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Universal Head says:

      Apologies, I can’t send you a copy of the rules because my game is currently in storage. When I get it back (one day) I will update this sheet however!

  • Sean says:

    Just thought I’d let you know the link doesnt seem to work.

  • levi says:

    great Rules Summery for village of fear. any chance to get the explanation of the Events card? (page 13)


    • Sorry, it’s been years since I looked at this and it’s in storage. Don’t know what you mean – but in any case I doubt I’ll be doing anymore work on this game. 🙂

  • Olivier says:

    Is there any chance Dragon’s gate came out of storage and you can send us a copy of the adventurer’s guide? Mine is in german and I don’t really speak it.

  • james says:

    hey i own dark world, but cannot afford to purchase the other games. so im currently remaking the boards and buildings for all three games, dark world as well since the game is so old and rare i dont want to damage any of the games, and i just stumbled upon this page just now trying to get the village of fear and dragons gate rules. i see that back in march you said you were getting the dragons gate booklet out of storage… any update to that?

  • james says:

    oh i understand totally. thanks for replying so quickly. ive also found another site where a guy has a scan of the manual so im trying other sources as well. thank you!

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