Descent: The Road to Legend

In the dark and secret parts of the world, foul Overlords plot and scheme to unleash great evil and cover the world in suffering.

If there’s one game that needs a rules summary and reference sheets, it’s the Descent campaign system, Road to Legend. A copy of this game was very kindly purchased for me by members of BoardgameGeek so I could create them. Here they are folks—enjoy! Includes all current expansion information.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Dec 2010 2.2 Fixed error in skills listings (removed Telekinesis and Bear Tattoo)
Jun 2010 2.1 Fixed Fountain error, added attack types to monster summary cards, fixed player reference sheet, and added new cards to be removed from FAQ
Dec 2008 1.8 Manticore error and small typo fixed
Nov 2008 1.7 Small error fixed
Aug 2008 1.6 Monster stats fixed
? 1 Original release

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