Hour of Glory

Set on the eve of D-day, Hour of Glory takes you into a world of espionage and clandestine warfare.

Warm Acre is a small publisher whose WWII game of infiltration and combat, Hour of Glory, slowly garnered a lot of notice. As expected, the production and graphics aren’t much to speak of, but the game is a tense and exciting experience driven by an innovative Mission Timer that ticks down as the Allies sneak into a Nazi stronghold in search of vital intelligence—sneak, that is, until all hell breaks lose and the bullets start to fly! What’s more, Warm Acre have made available free PDF downloads that expand and develop the existing game and its more combat-oriented brother, Bunkerstorm. But there’s more—they make metal miniatures for the games too! Highly recommended.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jun 2016 1.2 Small text fix to back side of reference sheet
Sep 2009 1.1 Small cosmetic typo fixed on page 1
Sep 2009 1 Original release

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