Knight Fall

The seal is breaking

In Knight Fall, a group of knights are attempting to protect a monastery of elders who sustain the seal on an portal to the underworld. Of course a bunch of demons has other ideas. Can the knights protect the elders until the break of dawn?

This excellent little game is the perfect choice for that special ‘just one more game’ slot of an evening. It’s relatively short, easy to learn, tactical but not brain-burning, random but still full of interesting choices – I love it! The multi-talented Ryan Laukat (Above and Below, Sleeping Gods) has supplied illustrations and a campaign story mode, and his distinctive art style is immediately recognisable. The game feels generous too, with a lot packed into a smallish box, with excellent production, down to the little plastic wound trackers on the Elder standees.

Knight Fall tries to cover all the bases with a competitive, co-operative, and story mode, but give me the competitive version every time – I’m not a fan of co-ops at the best of times and this mode is a bit random in Knight Fall, and I just don’t have the time for solo gaming, though I like the simplicity and relatively short length of this campaign. But when you’re competing, there are better mindgames and tactics to enjoy, and I loved the way the knight and demon special powers made you feel powerful and effective. Don’t worry if you get killed though – you can always draw a fresh knight or demon and try out another approach.

I’ll have a full review out after a few more games, but in the meantime here’s my rules & reference! Now if we can only last until dawn …

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
May 2023 1 Original release

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