Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

The time has come for the final confrontation between Good and Evil in Middle Earth!

Created by Reiner Knizia, and most recently released in a deluxe edition by Fantasy Flight Games, The Confrontation is an ingenious and very strategic game that uses plastic stands, into which slot various characters from the books that remain hidden from your opponent as you move them on the board. Each of the characters have different powers, and since you only discover who’s who once you get into conflict, the result is a very entertaining and devious game that manages to successfully combine elements of Chess and Stratego strategy with the rich Lord of the Rings theme. This edition includes classic and variant versions. A brilliant two player game.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Dec 2008 2 Original release
? 1 Original release


  • feldmafx says:

    You have an error on your summary. The section on the Tunnel of Moria states that, if the Dark Player reveals the Balrog in Caradhras, Light characters are instantly defeated in the tunnel. It should be if the Balrog is revealed in Moria.

    • I think you’re confusing the books with the game – there is no Moria area on the board.

      From the rules: “The Fellowship player can move his characters forward through the Tunnel of Moria (from Eregion into Fangorn), but never in the opposite direction (from Fangorn to Eregion) even if a character is retreating. If the Sauron player reveals the Balrog in the Caradhras region while a character is traveling through the tunnel, that character is instantly defeated without a battle.”

      From my summary: “The Fellowship player only may move characters forward through the Tunnel of Moria from Eregion into Fangorn (but never in the opposite direction) even if retreating. If the Sauron player reveals the Balrog in the Caradhras region at this time, the character is instantly defeated.”

      • feldmafx says:

        Well, I looked back and checked, and the difference is in the versions. I am using your aid with the original FF version of the game, which has Moria. Apparently there was a board change when they went to the deluxe version. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Ahh, I see. Thanks for that clarification!

  • Eric Lebigot says:

    Great player aid, as usual!
    The aid reads, about battles: “If there are 2 or more unrevealed opponents in the region, the attacker randomly chooses which will be his opponent for the battle. Otherwise the attacker may choose a specific enemy character that is already revealed in the region.”
    The rules have “Alternatively” instead of “Otherwise”: the aid made me understand incorrectly that if there are 2 or more unrevealed opponents one *has* to choose one of them (ignoring revealed ones). The rules clearly say that this is not the only possibility. I would suggest to use the original wording. 🙂

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