Summoner Wars

Call your forces forth and send them in a surging wave against your enemy. Cast spells that bolster your forces and cut down those who would oppose you.

A relatively straightforward card combat game, but clever nonetheless, with a fascinating variety of race decks with special abilities. The perfect first release for a small company that is now releasing some top-drawer boardgames. The Master Set is the perfect place to start, with six decks and a quality board, and lots of room for extra decks.

And now there’s a very professional app for iOS and Android.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Sep 2014 1.2 Added page on walls and vine walls
Oct 2011 1.1 Small error fixed
? 1 Original release


  • Squire Kershner says:

    Minor suggestion: In the “summon” and “play event” section, it should be clarified that the cards go from your Magic pile to the OWNER’S discard pile. Since you do accumulate magic from opponent’s cards.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Universal Head says:

      Not sure I get the need for this change: both instances say ‘your discard pile’ which is exactly how it’s worded in the rules. But then it’s been a while since I played.

    • David H. says:

      I’m not certain “owner’s pile” is correct because that’s not even the way it’s implemented in the app. You do get opponent’s cards into your magic pile, but I’m pretty certain they simply transfer to the discard pile of the player who spent the magic, not the owner.

      • Universal Head says:

        Also I know Plaid Hat Games were using this summary at one stage for demos, so I’m sure they would have pointed that out! 🙂

    • ManiacalRaven says:

      Actually it should NOT say the owner’s discard pile. There are some events/abilities that refer to taking cards from your discard pile. If they came from your magic pile, they should be in your discard pile, even if they are your opponents cards.

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