Wizards wage no-spells-barred magical duels deep in an underground labyrinth.

Another old classic brought back to life by the Fantasy Flight Games juggernaut, this light-hearted game pits duelling wizards together in a magical labyrinth. Chaotic and great fun.

Update Log

Foamcore Box Insert Plans

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2012 1 Original release

Rules Summary and Reference

Date Version Changelog
Apr 2016 2.1 added icon to Bestial Forces summary, added extra counter images to visual reference sheet
Jan 2015 2 Added Malefic Curses and Bestial Forces expansions
Mar 2012 1.2 Slight fixes from the new FAQ, mostly about diagonal adjacency
Mar 2012 1.1 Fixed Remove Stun sentence; improved reference sheet
Mar 2012 1 Original release


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