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Gaslands Car Modding & Painting Tutorial

Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!

Let’s get out the old Dark Future and new Hot Wheels cars and do a bit of post-apocalyptic panel work and painting for Gaslands!

Many moons ago (1988) I got myself a copy of Games Workshop’s Dark Future and made a passable stab at building and painting one or two of the cars, but I quickly lost interest. The rules were overly complicated and the game got one expansion (White Line Fever) and died. There was a lot of interest in post-apocalyptic car combat games back then – GW’s own Battlecars (1984), Steve Jackson’s classic Car Wars (1980), all fueled (boom-tish!) by the Mad Max films of 1979, 1981, and 1985.

So with Fury Road in 2015 it wasn’t surprising to see the craze come back around again, and this time the race leader is Gaslands by Mike Hutchinson, published by Osprey Wargames. This unassuming book of rules (you can buy templates and tokens too) seems to have taken the miniatures gaming world by storm. Everyone is suddenly nipping down to the toy store to buy some cheap Hot Wheels cars and putting them through the modelling ringer to create post-apocalyptic armed and armoured machines of death and destruction!

And who am I not go with the trend? So after gratefully taking possession of a free copy of the rules and templates from the generous Mike, I got settled at my modelling table, and here are the first results. I also took the opportunity to see if I could salvage anything from my old copy of Dark Future, and discovered a lot of useful things in there to get me on the road (boom-tish again!) to Gaslands glory.

So, have you played Gaslands yet? Tell us all about your experiences with this new game. Are you interested in car combat games in general? Or does the wasteland leave you cold? Do you have any excellent car modding and painting tips to share? I’m all ears!

You can buy Gaslands here.


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