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Heroscape Battle Report

By January 3, 2018Boardgames, Videos

Last time we saw you, you were trying to kill everyone. What are you up to these days?

The new year begins with a casual clash between bizarre armies in the world of Heroscape!

Here we go my friends, a fresh new year that promises many, many hours sitting around a table with friends, there to experience drama, humour, elation, tension, excitement and joy. Yes, it’s the sublime hobby of tabletop gaming!

Let’s kick it off with something that doesn’t stretch the old brain cells too much: a fun game of Heroscape, which my friend and I enjoyed last month just before he headed back to Australia again. This classic may be a bit laborious to set up (and pack up), but it’s always a great choice if you feel like a bit of miniature gaming without all the kerfuffle of complex rules. Roll some dice, kill some things, have a laugh! Enjoy!


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