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How to Paint Tainted Grail: Part 4

For it is the doom of men that they forget.

Part 4 of this series on painting Tainted Grail and it’s time to tackle some monsters!

This is it folks, the final video in my Tainted Grail painting series! And this time I’m really going to speed things up, by showing you some quick and dirty ways of painting your miniatures fast. No careful masterclasses and meticulous blending here, these methods are designed to give you results that look good from a normal viewing distance—because you’ll be sitting around a table when you play the game, not studying the miniatures close up.

Tainted Grail is an excellent game—personally I think the quality of the writing and the imaginative, grim scenes make it the best storytelling game out there. Don’t diminiszh your enjoyment of the campaigns with unpainted miniatures—get some paint on your brush! I hope this series has been helpful and inspiring.

Remember, don’t forget to check out my Tainted Grail rules summary and reference—it’s recently been updated to v1.1!

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