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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc v1

Joan of Arc

But how do you know that these voices aren’t just really you?

Lead your medieval armies to victory with the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc rules summary and reference!

After spending a horrifying amount on this game, and the most shipping I’ve paid on anything in my life, it was with some trepidation I awaited the final product—would the game be worth the money? Well, to anyone who doesn’t enjoy these kind of miniature-heavy battle games it probably isn’t, but I do, and to my great relief, I can say after several games I really enjoy the system. It’s like a medieval Memoir ’44, and I reckon that’s high praise indeed!

Personally I love the small scale of the miniatures because you can get a real sense of large armies clashing on the tabletop, though painting all those little guys can get a bit tedious. The activation system gives you interesting choices, and you can choose between historical battles of the Hundred Years War period, or ones tinged with supernatural forces and monsters. And since your characters can hold ‘conversations’ with various side characters like priests and blacksmiths, stories really emerge from the gameplay. In our last play of the Battle of Crécy, Edward III spent a ridiculous amount of time chatting with the local blacksmith, to his eventual detriment!

I’m really looking forward to the extra stuff I ordered, especially the Siege expansion, which adds siege warfare and castle walls to the mix. And I’m very pleased to hear that Mythic have committed to really supporting this game system for a long time to come. And of course they’ll be another campaign soon, during which I can see myself succumbing to the temptation to buy the huge legendary dragon ‘miniature’.


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