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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc v2

Joan of Arc

Never look behind. Only ahead.

Make sure you’re fighting with the right rules with the Joan of Arc rules summary and reference!

One game that takes up a lot of space on my shelf is Time of Legends: Joan of Arc by Mythic Games. The core set, the Reliquary, the Apocalypse box, the Siege box—that’s four huge boxes packed with lovely small scale miniatures and enough interesting scenarios to last a lifetime. Mythic threw an incredible amount of stuff into this game system!

Luckily, the game is great. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface, having only played the first few scenarios in the core set, but I’m someone who prefers to play with painted miniatures so I have a lot more painting to do yet. I’m particularly looking forward to setting up those castle walls and getting into the siege battles.

The rules aren’t that difficult, but there have been some changes made and a second Kickstarter launched to fine-tune them. This new version of my summary has been completely reworked to follow the ‘1.4e’ version of the rules, which hopefully is close to done. It also includes the optional rules from the Legendary expansion. Enjoy!

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