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The Joy of Unboxing: Claustrophobia 1643

By January 30, 2019August 28th, 2019Boardgames, Unboxing, Videos

Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!

Unboxing the brand new version of Claustrophobia: Claustrophobia 1643 by Monolith!

Lots of unboxings this month, but I just couldn’t wait to show you this shiny new copy of Monolith’s Claustrophobia 1643, especially since it seems to have made its way to Australia and New Zealand ahead of the rest of the world, which is highly unusual. 

I have the base set and two expansions for the original game, but of course I couldn’t resist this new version, especially since there’s now a range of finely detailed miniatures, where before there were pre-painted figures for the demons, all of which (except for one major demon) were the same! 

The graphic design of Claustrophobia 1643 is a bit different, with a modern, minimal aesthetic very different from the usual run of fantasy dungeoncrawlers. Check it out and see what you think.

Watch out for more Claustrophobia 1643 stuff in the coming weeks! 


  • Sam Jackson says:

    Gosh I hope this means a player aid may be coming!

  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Looks very nice. They seem to put the 2000+ copy´s that where not sold on KS again. So your opinion on the game play is appreciated…maybe I will get it later then.

  • DaedalusZM says:

    I’m bummed at the design of the cards. I agree that they look a bit futuristic for a game set int he 1600s (and that upside down font… why??). They must have been designed by the same person responsible for the “meh” rulebook, and all its blank white space glory.

    Those minis and the frames for the character inserts are great, though. Box art is spectacular as well. It’s like they put all their money into those items and offloaded the rest of the design to an intern. 🙁

    • I’m not fond of the card design either, but I think the entire design has the mark of an experienced designer who just decided to do something different from the usual fantasy tropes. Even inverting the basic acceptance of sans serif text is fantasy, serif text is scifi. I appreciate that, but then doing something different always runs the risk of it not always working in every respect. I don’t think the style works on the cards, and the upside down text is an unnecessary affectation, but the rest works pretty well IMHO.

      • Ev says:

        I’ve played the first scenario twice now, and really enjoying the game so far.

        The instinct card design had a specific purpose in mind. You are meant to tuck them under your Western Warrior player board when applying them, however you can only use the top value or the bottom one. So you hide the top or bottom when they are on the table, meaning the upside down font does have function.

        I get they look a little simple, but the frequency of use was relatively low and short lived as they get cleared after each turn so didn’t really sit in my mind during play.

        The overall artwork and general rules gave a great immersive feeling of dread no matter what side of the table you are on…..

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