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The Joy of Unboxing: Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings

You don’t fear anyone. That’s your problem. Fear is useful.

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is a new tabletop miniatures fantasy battle wargame.

After seeing Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings pop up around the traps I thought I’d contact Para Bellum Wargames, and to my surprise, soon found myself having a Skype chat with the director of the company. And what a pleasant talk we had about the joy of tabletop miniatures games and his dedication to this game. I came away very impressed by his enthusiasm, his openness to feedback, and what he had lined up for the future.

And they’ve certainly been churning out the minis. I can’t imagine the complexity of the logistics and the huge expense involved in setting up your own manufacturing processes and organising worldwide distribution. Despite this, one of the great things about the game are the prices compared to the ‘big boys’ in this field.

Before long a big box full of miniatures arrived on the doorstep, so allow me to share with you this huge unboxing. The starter set was their first product so the miniatures are a little static and have some obvious mold lines, but in the later expansions you can see big leaps forward in quality as the company hones its processes. The larger scale takes a little getting used to, but ranked up in columns and files these units look really impressive—especially the beautiful cavalry figures.

I’ll be continuing my coverage of Conquest with a construction video very soon, followed in time with some painting videos, then some battle reports and honest discussion of the game system. There’s lots to come, so check it all out here at the EOG!


  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Some rambling thoughts about this: I like the lore they build. 4 factions quite soon…great! The quality seems to be so-so to start…but it is a new company…and quite frankly not that important with rank&file…IMHO. The solos should be better quality than troops though. The minis are bigger than standard and I find that they made it hard on themselves with that decision. Personally I have no problem if scales do not fit 100%. I always say that we are so much different in real life why has everything in a game to be one size?!? I don´t get it. But there are many who will not look at the game because of the scale difference. If it is in regard to the minis or the terrain to play on. So trying to establish an entirely new game in rank and file without the minis being compatible to use in other games…was that a good decision? Either you play it…or you don´t. But you will not just buy a couple of boxes because they look cool for another game. How many are willing to buy into a new huge game? Well…we will see. I had a demo game at Essen Spiel last year and the rules we played with were nothing that caught my attention. I don´t know if there are more advanced rules that make it more interesting…but that was not impressive. From that, I admire the fact that someone new to the market invested so much time and money to build an interesting universe and wish them the best. But tbh I do not see this game stick around for the long run with it being a mass battle game in its own scale.

    • The solos are resin and are definitely better quality, and the quality seems to be improving more and more with new releases.
      I don’t know why they went with a different scale, but I assume it was to differentiate themselves in the market. I don’t know how many people buy figures to use in other games, but I have to say I never do. I’ve never played a minis game with minis from another game. 🙂
      Stay tuned for further videos and we’ll see how the battles go down!

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