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Sedition Wars Figure Painting Reference

By October 4, 2013July 27th, 2014Boardgames, Figure Painting
Sedition Wars

Sedition Wars Miniatures

The Vanguard and the Strain in all their full-colour glory.

I’ve had several requests to showcase my painted figures from the Sedition Wars: The Battle for Alabaster game, so here they are for your delectation. As you can see, despite the chorus of whinging online about the quality of the plastic, the figures paint up well—but then I’m not a perfectionist; I just like a well-painted miniature that looks good on the table and enhances the enjoyment of my game. None of these paint jobs are good enough to be entered into competitions, but they are certainly good enough to wage bloody warfare on the field of cardboard!

As usual, my colour choices are not particularly ground-breaking or original, and your choices may vary—this is just one way of painting up these miniatures.


  • Monsterman says:

    Great paint jobs!! I look forward to using these and the rulebooks to reference. I usually like a color scheme to follow and don’t get overly creative with new colorings. I find I enjoy the challenge of matching a good paint job in the rulebooks. Again great job!! Don’t you love when new players see you’re game and assume that all copies come pre-painted like yours..
    Don’t know if you’ve ever checked out Wild West Exodus ..was kickstarted a few months back and is due to come out in a month or so. Looks like a lot of fun to paint and hopefully play. These figures seem to be a notch above many of the other kickstarters I’ve backed (SW, Myth & Zombicide).

    • Universal Head says:

      I’m the same, I’d rather match the ‘glamour shots’ than come up with my own versions. I’ll have a look at WWE. No more Kickstarters for me for a while unless something really amazing comes out—I ponied up big for Wrath of Kings!

      • Monsterman says:

        I came very close on Wrath of Kings but I really dropped too much on the WWX a few months prior. I liked the sculpts for Wrath but I’m still holding out hope for a Confrontation reboot. I just don’t know if the quality and elegance of confrontation can be recaptured by a lower priced kickstarter reboot (if it ever happens). I hope the Wrath of Kings recaptures some of that and it is a great pickup for you! So many games….so little time …. Look forward to your review when it arrives.
        Did you succumb to the Cthulhu Wars KS?? Might just be risk with Cthulhu factions but the sculpts looked incredible.
        Thanks again for your wonderful contributions to the gaming community!

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