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Sedition Wars v1

By April 30, 2013July 27th, 2014Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Sedition Wars

Mike McVey’s Kickstarter success brought us this excellent game, and here is the rules summary and reference that hopefully will get you playing it just that bit faster and easier. Incorporating clarifications from the Sedition Wars forum and simplifying the terminology and making it a bit more consistent, this PDF also includes redesigned cards for the miniatures in the game that are larger and easier to read than the originals.

Despite a bit of a stumble due to the rules queries, Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster has proven itself an excellent game that really starts to flow once you’ve understood the rules. There are some great cinematic moments and tense battles. Have a look at some the detailed session reports on BoardgameGeek to give you an idea of a typical game an discover the different scenarios.

Once the figures are painted, of course, it’s also a spectacular game to see on the tabletop. Keep an eye out here on the EOG for a painting guide to help you get those wonderfully detailed figures by master sculptor Mike McVey painted up and looking their best. But for now:

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