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Sorastro’s Star Wars Painting Guide Episode 11

Laugh it up, fuzzball!

Sorastro continues painting the Rebel heroes in Star Wars: Imperial Assault – and it’s time for the wookies!.

Guest Contributor: Mark (Sorastro)

SorastroHello fellow hobbyists! My name is Mark and I’m just another hard-working dad who loves his kids. Once the children are in bed however, the paint brushes come out and I get to work creating the best miniature-painting tutorials I can. Working on the videos is immensely satisfying for me as it combines so many of my personal interests: digital photography, sound/video editing, musical composition, and of course—miniature painting, all of which combine to serve theme. With a professional background in education I also have a strong inner drive to broaden the inclusivity of the hobby, and through careful planning and presentation I hope to instill the idea that with the right tools and a little patience anyone can do it! It’s an honor for me to be featured here on the Esoteric Order of Gamers and I make heavy use of their excellent rules summaries (including most recently for Shadows of Brimstone). Happy painting!

The very talented Sorastro continues his long-running series of painting tutorials. This time we get all furry and tackle the two wookie figures. I must admit I just did a bit of washing and drybrushing when I painted these miniatures, but Sorastro shows us what can be done when you put in a bit more time and effort.

Don’t forget to check out Sorastro’s Patreon page and support his work, because after looking up the price of that new camera he’s using, a bit of financial support would probably be highly appreciated! The quality of the results certainly speaks for itself however, with a level of professionalism unmatched in painting tutorial videos.


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