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Sorastro’s Star Wars Painting Guide Episode 9

It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity.

Sorastro returns with episode 9 and a guide to painting the Nexu from Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Guest Contributor: Mark (Sorastro)

SorastroHello fellow hobbyists! My name is Mark and I’m just another hard-working dad who loves his kids. Once the children are in bed however, the paint brushes come out and I get to work creating the best miniature-painting tutorials I can. Working on the videos is immensely satisfying for me as it combines so many of my personal interests: digital photography, sound/video editing, musical composition, and of course—miniature painting, all of which combine to serve theme. With a professional background in education I also have a strong inner drive to broaden the inclusivity of the hobby, and through careful planning and presentation I hope to instill the idea that with the right tools and a little patience anyone can do it! It’s an honor for me to be featured here on the Esoteric Order of Gamers and I make heavy use of their excellent rules summaries (including most recently for Shadows of Brimstone). Happy painting!

I’ve begun painting my own Star Wars: Imperial Assault figures, and it’s given me a renewed appreciation of these high quality tutorials by Sorastro. He really is applying a perfectionist’s techniques to these miniatures. This time he covers the nexu, one of the stars of what was possibly the only decent scene in all three Star Wars prequel films (and that probably only due to Natalie Portman’s midriff). I particularly like effect of the stripes in the nexu’s fur.

Thanks Sorastro!

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