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Terraforming Mars v1

Terraforming Mars

I am definitely going to die up here … if I have to listen to any more god-awful disco music.

Modify a planet with the Terraforming Mars rules summary and reference!

Now that I’m allowing some of my Patreon backers to vote on upcoming summaries, I’ve started to throw one or two games on the list that I don’t actually own, but that are very popular with boardgamers worldwide. Terraforming Mars is such a game—number four on the Boardgamegeek ratings as of this writing.

Turning Mars into an Earth-like planet is certainly thematic but, though I completely understand why the game is so popular, I’m not really a huge fan of resource management and I find the game’s graphic design a little on the uninspiring side. So I haven’t played the game myself despite its popularity—perhaps I’m missing out?

But any case, here’s my rules summary and reference for Terraforming Mars, and I hope the game’s many fans find it useful!

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