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The Battle of Five Armies v1

The Battle of Five Armies

Escape from goblins to be caught by wolves

The Battle of Five armies commences with v1 of the EOG rules summary and reference.

The classic War of the Ring is one of my all-time favourite boardgames, so I was very excited to learn about the release of this first game in what could be a ‘line’ of similar games. Using the ingenious action dice mechanic from WotR and adding some extra mechanics to reflect the greater focus on combat, The Battle of Five Armies is a more tactical battle experience, zooming in on the final battle from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

The artwork and design is very much in the style of the first game, and I’m looking forward to this series developing further. There really are no other games that capture the atmosphere of Tolkien’s classics in quite the same way.


  • Of Miniatures and Meeples says:

    You certainly waste no time Sir! Great looking as always. As expected, far fewer rules than WotR, which I own, but annoyingly haven’t played yet because I just keep forgetting the rules; even with summarys! It’s just one of those games where you really have to arrange a session. I know it’s going to be a rewarding experience, as can be seen in your playthrough videos.

    Having watched some overviews, BoFA looks like it will get the plays. Especially, as you said, it still captures the rich atmosphere like no other game series. I felt that when reading the thematic mechanisms of WotR.

    So I better get hold of a copy before Jackson’s film comes out in december, when EVERYONE will want it!

    • For the love of Gandalf, crack open your copy of War of the Ring and get playing! What a great game it is.

      The plan is to film a BoFA play session in a few weeks. I reckon you should get yourself a copy and play it so you know what’s going on. 🙂

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