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The Drowned Earth Battle Report

I never met a person who couldn’t swim before.

Universal Head and Andy play The Drowned Earth – post-apocalyptic jungles, intelligent apes, parkour, and DINOSAURS!

I’ve just begun to rave about The Drowned Earth, a fantastic tabletop miniatures skirmish game by Olmec Games, a small independent game publisher who has really come up with a fantastic game system with a lot of cinematic dynamism. This is the second game Andy and I have played, so we’re still finding our feet (and make one game-changing rules error at the end!) – but we both love this game, its theme, and its exciting, reactive feel. We had to cut this one a couple of turns short because we ran out of time, but I think this gives a good overview of how the game plays and how much fun it is! Don’t forget to download my rules summary and reference sheet and give The Drowned Earth a go.


  • Robert says:

    Great Battle Report. Really enjoy watching the dynamics of your battles. Really, really enjoyed this one. Definitely blows away most others. Hope to see many, many more.

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