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Ulaya Chronicles – Jungle Rescue Battle Report!

The Forbidden Zone was once a paradise!

Peter and Andy play the exciting second scenario from Ulaya Chronicles!

Aafter getting my overview of The Ulaya Chronicles in the can, I was very keen to get a battle report online in time for you to see how fun the game is in time for the follow-up Kickstarter campaign by Olmec Games. And here it is with just a few hours to spare! Andy and I really enjoyed three games yesterday, and I’ve spent this morning editing it so you can check it out. Afterwards, be sure to download my rules summary and reference!

And if you’re interested in Ulaya Chronicles, now’s the time, because in just a few hours the Kickstarter for the new PDF adventure for the game is about to end, so get in quick to grab Raptor Claw Island (and the miniatures) for 20% off. James of Olmec Games deserves your support!