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Ulaya Chronicles – Solo & Coop Campaign Adventures on a Drowned Earth!

By October 3, 2022Reviews, Videos

You maniacs! You blew it up!

Peter explores the post-apocalyptic world of the drowned earth in Ulaya Chronicles by Olmec Games in this overview and miniature showcase!

OOlmec Games are a one-man operation that created the amazing The Drowned Earth, and their new creation is The Ulaya Chronicles, a solo/coop version that uses a simplified version of that game’s rules. In Raptor Claw Island, this boxed set, you’ll adventure through a series of 14 linked scenarios with the dinosaur and pirate enemies controlled by an AI system. Let’s explore! Afterwards, be sure to check out my rules summary and reference!

And if you’re interested in Ulaya Chronicles, now’s the time, because in a couple of days the Kickstarter for the new PDF adventure for the game is about to end, so get in quick to grab Raptor Claw Island (and the miniatures) for 20% off. I’ve exchanged many emails with James and he is a lovely bloke – and as a one man show creating amazing games, he deserves your support!