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The Joy of Unboxing: Adeptus Titanicus Horus Heresy

Elbow rockets!

Adeptus Titanicus reaches the next level with the Horus Heresy starter set.

Ahhh, I’m so weak. I did say to myself I wouldn’t get sucked in to the incredibly expensive new version of Adeptus Titanicus. I mean, buying one giant robot is the far more expensive than most premium boardgames. But then this starter set came along and, since I’m such a fan of the original 1988 version, I just couldn’t resist. Here’s the inside of the box in all its glory—but it may be a while before I can afford to add to the forces in it!


  • Ken Harkin says:

    Sorry but no. It is pretty to be certain but the price point is ludicrous. I look back to the days of Epic and Titan Legions with my plastic Warlords and I remember the fun of it all without having to take an additional student loan at the time. Today I would have to take a second mortgage for GW. Thank you for the unboxing though and I hope you enjoy it.

    • Don’t apologise to me Ken, I don’t mind! I agree, this game is incredibly expensive. The starter set isn’t too bad considering what you get (NZ$259), but to have to pay NZ$183 to simply add one warlord is pretty outrageous. However I think we do have to resist the temptation to compare such things with the games of our youth – there are just too many factors involved to make that a fair comparison and it really is apples and oranges.

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