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The Joy of Unboxing: Horrified

This is very old wine. …

Time to unbox another beautiful Prospero Hall-designed game, and this time I’m Horrified!

In a short space of time four games designed by Prospero Hall have joined my collection, and they’re all beautifully designed and fun to play (I’m just assuming this one is, it has had great reviews for a while now). Let’s rip off the shrink wrap on this loving homage to old Universal Studios monster movies, and check out the horrors within!


  • Ken Harkin says:

    I really love this game. It is light enough to interest my wife yet the difficulty can be ramped up with more and different monster combinations. Not just the monsters are callbacks to the movies, so are the villagers. You have a host of classic roles from the movies including ABBOT AND COSTELLO!!! They are the deliverymen which was their role in the classic Universal crossover Monster/Comedy film they did. The theme oozes through this game at every turn and it never fails to infuriate me as townsfolk are killed by the monsters because of bad luck or planning. This is also a great solo game, which Covid has given me a great respect for…

    Since you like the work Prospero Hall is doing check out their game JAWS. It is a great summer game, it is one vs one/many, hidden movement, and another fantastic implementation of theme. You must have the soundtrack playing in the background when you play this one.

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