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The Joy of Unboxing: Necromunda Dark Uprising

When we get to Coney island….then we’re home.

Let’s brawl over a brand new copy of Necromunda: Dark Uprising by Games Workshop!

Some of my best gaming memories are from playing the original edition of Necromunda, a wonderful skirmish game of gothic sci-fi and grungy gang warfare first unleashed by Games Workshop in 1995. I still use the terrain that came in that amazing box. But in the last few years this classic has seen a renaissance, even it is a renaissance parcelled out bit by bit in a line of starter sets, separate books and figure packs. I did buy the original new starter set, Underhive, and didn’t plan to get more except the occasional gang, but when I saw this new set available at my local online store I found myself pressing the ‘buy’ button before I could stop!

It’s undeniably pricey, but there’s a huge amount of plastic in this box, along with an updated rulebook. Lots of the great new terrain, and two gangs, one of which, the Palanites, I was planning to get anyway because of it’s Judge Dredd aesthetic.

My latest rules summary and reference for Necromunda is here. I’ll be updating it soon once I’ve gone through this updated book. In the meantime, let’s unbox this huge crate o‘ goodies!

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