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The Joy of Unboxing: Tainted Grail

By February 13, 2021Card Games, Unboxing, Videos

The king and the land are one.

Tainted Grail is here, and it’s time to unbox the spectacular King’s Pledge!

Two years ago I backed Tainted Grail by Awaken Realms on Kickstarter, and now it’s here and I’ve unboxed it, I’m amazed it came so quickly! There is so much work and imagination in this package its difficult to comprehend how they managed to put it together. And now I’ve played a couple of times, I’m even more amazed at the quality of the writing and stroy-telling. They’ll be more Tainted Grail content on the EOG to come (don’t forget to download my rules summary), but for now, settle back, relax, and let’s unbox the huge King’s Pledge together!

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