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Blood! Skulls! Flesh! Death! Warcry Bloodhunt!

They are cowards, they hide behind masks!

Peter checks out the new Warcry: Bloodhunt, plus gives you some very useful guidelines for painting the terrain quickly!

Aother day, another Warcry set! Games Workshop are certainly getting behind their fantasy skirmish game a lot lately, and why not, it’s a great little system. As much as I like the bamboo-and-bloodtrees aesthetic, I’m kind of ready to move on from the Realm of Beasts though. What’s next, the Realm of Lazy Afternoons in Front of the Television? The Realm of Itchiness? The Realm of Being Quite Nice? Who knows!

If you want to know how to paint that lovely terrain easily, do check out this video. And afterwards, don’t forget to download my Warcry rules and reference!