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Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress v1

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

Let’s rule out aliens for now and concentrate on what we know.

Dungeon crawling. In space. In the 41st millenium. You’ll need the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress rules summary and reference!

I’ve always preferred the Games Workshop stand-alone games to their tabletop systems, and this is a beautiful example of how good they can be. GW continues to tweak the Warhammer Quest formula with this game set in the W40K universe which is packed with high quality miniatures, tiles and cards.

It’s designed for campaign play but really you could pull this one apart into single combats, and anyway, you can put it down and pick up and almost any point during the campaign. A series of mini-game challenges on cards are interspersed with satisfying tile-based combat. Of course, this is GW and it’s heavy on the dice rolling, especially when you have to roll for each enemy’s actions on a table, which feels very old-school indeed.

But the whole thing drips quality and it’s great to see GW delving back into some of the more weird and wonderful aspects of the W40K lore and giving space marines a much-needed rest. This is fun dungeon-crawling (in space) at its best.


  • Tom says:

    I was delighted to see this summary! Sold off a lot of unplayed games last week on consignment at a local LGS and this lands tomorrow. As Space Hulk is one of my favorites, I think i’ll love this one. The sentient robot model looks great, and I love the fact he’s a sentient robot hiding out in the Imperium.

    • Yep, that robot is a favourite mini, though he’s not great in-game as he has one less action, the slowcoach!

      • Dustin Boatman says:

        Man, the robot can shred people with his attacks though. If any of you want to trick out your games, check the Dragon’s Rest custom terrain. I just got mine in today, and it is crazy how much you get for the price, and how awesome it looks!

        • That stuff looks fantastic. But I need a 3D printer! Also – don’t you get significant ‘printing grooves’ on the finished product, instead of the lovely clean 3D renders they have on the website?

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