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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower v1

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

This is an oubliette, labyrinth’s full of ’em.

It’s back to the dungeon – though not like it was in 1995 – with Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

Games Workshop, after so many years of ignoring the fans, has finally started listening and is churning out boardgames at a great rate. Some are better than others, and all are horrendously overpriced by any normal standards, but there are some gems, and this one seems to be in that special category.

Of course it’s not at all related to the old Warhammer Quest really – it’s all about the IP these days isn’t it? – but that’s a good thing, as the game here is more fun and interesting than that venerable but creaky dungeoncrawler. With bits of dice allocation (a la Claustrophobia) and paragraph reading (Tales of the Arabian Nights) in the mix and some decent variety in the scenarios, there’s something to please everyone.

Despite the premium cost, corners are still visibly being cut, which is a shame. The creatures could have had their own reference cards, for example. As usual, those not interested in assembling and painting miniatures certainly have their work cut out for them before they start playing. And I do think there could have been less small minis to fill out the miniature count.

But the minis you do get are incredibly detailed and high quality, and it’s good to see a bit of experimentation with the dungeoncrawler form. Though why are so many GW characters leaping into the air these days?


  • Brent Lloyd says:


    The minis are certainly incredibly detailed, but I have to admit – I don’t like many of them. Undoubtedly folks who take the time to paint them up nicely will have an awesome looking game table. However, they are too fragile/delicate for the general purpose game table. I am pondering swapping all the minis out with Bones minis.

    I agree 100% with you – this certainly is a gem of a game and I am looking forward to seeing which direction they go with it next.


  • I agree, they are stupidly delicate in some cases, especially the heroes launching themselves into the air.

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