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Wrath of Kings Battle Report 4

By March 8, 2018July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Boardgames, Videos

That is no ship. That is no forest.

Spend a sunny afternoon with Peter and Will as they hack their way through yet another Wrath of Kings battle report!

I was digging through the extensive video archives of the Order the other day – I had to take an elevator down to basement level 19 and then descend a few flights of stairs – when I stumbled across some video shot way back in December of last year, during my old gaming buddy Will’s last visit. “What’s this?” I cried, “a neglected battle report!?” I immediately grabbed the footage, headed back up towards the editing suites, and got to work.

And here are the results! Another Wrath of Kings clash. This time it’s a skirmish game between the Shael Han and the Nasier.

Wrath of Kings, for reasons I haven’t yet fathomed, still continues to fascinate me. In fact I’ve almost finished reworking my army reference sheets to include the stats and hit tables from the cards, so I’ll never actually have to reference the cards again. I sometimes wonder why I’ve spent so much time and effort on this game, because I have yet to really, really enjoy a game. I’ve always blamed this on my unfamiliarity with the rules, but it can’t be denied that there is something about the way your opponent references his card to find the result of your hit, coupled with the very fiddly nature of some of the special abilities (uually involving substituting symbols for other symbols), that has got in the way of fun. But I soldier on, knowing that after investing so much in this game, returning were as tedious as go o’er.

If you play Wrath of Kings, let me know what you think. In the meantime, check out this blast from the recent past, and enjoy!


  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Really love the minis…so wonderfully different factions…but it got very quite around the game…hope its not in a bad shape!

  • Soulsorcerer says:

    Well…let´s hope for the best. I certainly hope there is still enough room/money for some of those games like WoK in the market now that GW seems to be on the rise again.

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