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Action Points #006: Age of Sigmar, Hunt for the Ring, Battle Reports

By July 2, 2018August 28th, 2019Action Points, Videos

Are you a madman? Keep well out of this place.

Another month, another Action Points – episode 6 in fact. Another ramble about games, games, and more games!

The month certainly goes by quickly – before I know it, it’s time to put together another Action Points episode and a newsletter. I’m running out of adventurous openers, and since it’s the dead of winter here, the next one might be a bit more sedate…

In this one I rabbit on about Hunt for the Ring, upcoming battle reports, Cthulhu (again), Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and Mutant Crawl Classics (again), and Solomon Kane (no, I didn’t back it).

Any suggestions for future Action Points bits? I’m all ears, as always. Which makes it hard for me to go out in public.

The June issue of the monthly newsletter is going out right now, so sign up if you haven’t already! And if you already signed up and are not receiving it, it means you missed out on the European regulations opt-in email, so drop me a line and let me know.


  • The8thPagan says:

    I think you’re closet thespian…. bit of acting at start, bit of song and dance in the middle.

    Have you considered filming Bored of the Rings? The book from long ago. The sets at in New Zealand… Will could be Frito and you could play Goddam.

    • I remember that book – in fact I ripped it off a bit and wrote something similar for an English class composition. Got pretty good marks for it, I seem to recall …
      Yes, I’m a frustrated performer. Like most drummers. 🙂

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