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Circadians: Chaos Order v1

Circadians: Chaos Order

So, what will it be, soldier?

Steal the relics on an alien planet with your Circadians: Chaos Order rules and reference!

Garphill Games contacted me to see if I wanted to check out their new game Circadians: Chaos Order, and I quickly said yes. While I haven’t played any of their games before, this blend of complex Euro-game and scifi theme looked very intriguing.

It’s a colourful, visually impressive game with a gazillion icons, and the rules are somewhat overwhelming at first (you may find my rules summary and reference very useful), but thankfully after a slow turn or two it will all start falling into place. The crux of the game is a flexible game sequence that changes according to how far you’ve progressed along each phase’s research track. This ramps the action up nicely as the game progresses. I also love the very different factions with their unique play styles and special abilities. There’s a huge amount of choice and a lot to keep track of, but a healthy dose of conflict – using an excellent combat system that reminds me a bit of Dune – keeps the game from ever descending into multiplayer solitaire.

Circadians: Chaos Order certainly isn’t the kind of game you play with some fresh players in an hour; it requires dedication, experience with complex games, and a decent chunk of time – but it definitely rewards the effort.

For much more detail, check out my video review!

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