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Confrontation Battle Report

Whatever you plan to do, do it now!

A very special Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’narok battle report—and all the unit cards have been updated too!

Ahhh, Confrontation. Not the earlier editions with metal miniatures mind you, but the unloved stepchild, the fourth edition when they changed the entire line of miniatures to pre-painted plastic, the version the older Confrontation players get all huffy about—Age of the Rag’narok, that’s the game we love here at the EOG!

I’ve spent an unconscionable amount of time over the years making unit cards for this game—not only cards for all the units in the army books, but cards for many of the old metal units as well—far, far more time than I’ve actually spent playing the game. But despite the fact Confrontation v4 didn’t last long, it’s still a great set of tabletop wargaming rules. With the simple expedient of subtracting one stat from another and looking up the result on a one-line resolution table, the game flows along nicely. Six different activation systems give you a lot of variety when it comes to unit activation. And the factions are full of character and look fantastic on the tabletop, especially if you mix in some of the old metal minis as heroes.

Recently, a guy called Samuel Moreno contacted me to make a card for the Cynwall Wyrm, and before long we were discussing the game and he was helping me proofread and finish my new versions of all the cards. Not only that, but he developed rules for the unreleased Dragon faction (elves). So thanks to his help, I’ve updated all my unit cards and added that faction. I don’t know how many people out there actually play this game anymore, but I hope they’re celebrating right now! Thanks so much for your help Samuel.

Will recently came over for some games and this is the first battle report we filmed (before the Nemesis one). Sure, we’re a little rusty with the rules—sorry about that—but we had a great time anyway. It’s 10 years since Rackham sadly collapsed, but here’s a little tribute to the creative minds behind the company. On the EOG at any rate, Confrontation: Age of the Rag’narok survives!

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