Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok

Confrontation and Rag’narok merge into one game.

It was very sad to witness the demise of Rackham, a French company that made spectacular metal miniatures, after its ill-advised switch to a new range of pre-painted plastic miniatures to support its two miniatures games AT-43 and Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok. Yet the dramatic fall of the company has overshadowed how good these games still are, and, with a bit of retouching, how perfectly acceptable the miniatures are for gaming.

I already have a huge collection of the scifi AT-43 miniatures and enjoy that game a lot, so I began buying into the fantasy game, which has a similar set of rules … and it wasn’t long before I was gobbling up a lot of the old metal minis as well to enlarge my armies. Here’s my rules summary, along with the game’s unit cards, redesigned in a similar way to how I redesigned the AT-43 cards.

Here you’ll find complete sets of army cards for the five main factions: the human Griffins of Akkylannia and the Lions of Alahan, the predatory Wolfen of Yllia, the twisted alchemists of the Scorpions of Dirz, and the horrific Undead of Acheron (the Ram).

A few people have helped me a lot putting these together. Originally, Cory Gerleman gave me his invaluable help and valuable time in the making of this summary and the army card sets. And recently, Samuel Moreno has discovered a passion for the game and helped proofread the new versions, as well as doing an incredible amount of work coming up with rules for old armies (Dragon and Stag), that were never fully developed by Rackham, which together we’ve developed into the same unit card format. Recently, Tristan Pittendorfer has created new cards in the original style for the Boar, Eagle, Hydra, Hyena, Minotaur, Rat, Serpent, Tree-Spirit, and Immobilis armies—whew! Thanks lads!

If you’re still playing Confrontation, enjoy!

I’m always making small improvements to these documents: check the update log for the latest information.

Army Cards

Fan-Made Army Cards (Original style)

Legacy Material

Here you’ll find all the original Rackham PDFs for the last version of Confrontation.

Update Log

Rules Summary

Date Version Changelog
Mar 2022 1.5 Reformating of stat names to make them clearer, fixing of some minor typos
Dec 2020 1.4 Took out confusing line about units never being able to be activated more than once per round
Jan 2020 1.3 Gender-free language throughout. Added creature courage rule to reference sheet
Dec 2015 1.2 Added attribute icons to reference
Aug 2013 1.1 Slight typos fixed
Apr 2013 1 Original release

Army Cards

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2023 Other (Misc) v1.3 Tristan Pittendorfer armies updated
Jan 2023 Eagle (Concord), Immobilis (Cadwallon), Other (Misc) Tristan Pittendorfer armies updated
Oct 2022 Boar, Eagle, Hydra, Hyena, Minotaur, Rat, Serpent, Tree-Spirit, Other Tristan Pittendorfer armies updated, Immobilis and Scarab armies added
Aug 2022 Boar, Eagle, Hydra, Hyena, Minotaur, Rat, Serpent, Tree-Spirit, Other Added the armies by Tristan Pittendorfer
Jul 2022 Dragon v1.3 Updated Order of the Banners card; spells renamed rituals, updated main Wyrm card and Winged Hurricane card
Jul 2022 Griffin v3.6 Updated Conscripts special fighters
Jul 2022 Wolfen v3.5 Updated all the Howls cards; updated Diving Ruling miracle
Jul 2022 Lion v3.4 Fixed some artefacts that had melee icons instead of ranged; updated Alahel and Aldenyss; updated main Wyrm card and Winged Hurricane card
Jul 2022 Scorpion v3.4 Updated Scorpion Crew; added Symbiotic Armor, Technomagic Routine, There Perfect Code, and The Treatise of Alchemy artefacts
Jul 2022 Ram v3.6 Updated Kain, Codex of Salaüel, and added Spectral Fog ritual
Oct 2021 Ram v3.5 Clarification to Abyssal Skull Warrior cards
Sep 2021 Ram v3.4 Fixes, updates to Azrael, The Gorgon, Feyd Mantis, Melmoth, Ejhin de Vanth, Cmyr de Vanth, Black Paladin special warriors, Heavy Centaurs, Portal of the Abyss, Asura de Sarlath cavalry, Kain, and The Bogeyman
Jan 2021 Griffin v3.4 Fixed Knights of Redemption (5) card and Thallion Riders cards
Dec 2020 Griffin v3.3 Put in Thurbad (mounted)’s health points, changed Cannon fear symbols to courage symbols
Nov 2020 Wolfen v3.3 Swapped incorrect images on Vestal and Sacred Vestal special fighters cards
Nov 2020 Stag v1 Added Stag army by Samuel Moreno
Oct 2020 Wolfen v3.2 Fixed Irix’s Focus power wording
Oct 2020 Wolfen v3.1 Fixed vestal point cost, Isakar’s artifact, and Full Moon communion
Aug 2020 Griffin v3.2, Ram 3.2 Added images for special fighters, added ‘Ally’ label to Cynwall Wyrm
Aug 2020 Ram v3.3 Added images for Skeleton Warrior, Zombies and Morbid Puppets special fighters
Aug 2020 Ram v3.2 Updated Undead Thrall, Black Paladin and associated Skull Warrior cards
Aug 2020 Scorpion v3.3 Updated Cloning Tank card
Jul 2020 Scorpion v3.2 Updated Sykho Volesterus, Kayl Kartan, Tarasacus and added the Courage rule to the creature cards that were missing it. Removed ‘infantry’ from Incarnate cards
May 2020 Dragon v1.2 Changed Courage icon to Fear icon on Pulsar, Dragon, and Nova cards
May 2020 Lion v3.1 Corrected the Chimera number
Mar 2020 Ram v3.1, Griffin v3.1, Dragon v1.1 Added the light cavalry ability ‘Leap’ to the Scavengers and Asura de Srlath (Ram), the Thallion Riders (Griffon), and the Lens Mendkenn (Dragon)
Mar 2020 Scorpion v3.1 Fixed Sylar Sighthound standard unit, Nefarious Prime, both Keratis Warriors, and Jadharis special fighters
Feb 2020 Dragon v1 Added Dragon army by Samuel Moreno
Jan 2020 All v3 All army cards are now updated and improved
Mar 2016 Griffin 2, Ram 2, Lion 2 New improved designs
May 2013 Ram 1.1 Error with the Ram symbol on some cards fixed
May 2013 Ram 1 Original release of Ram cards
May 2013 Scorpion 1.2 Added Tarascus Titan
May 2013 Wolfen 1.1, Lion 1.1, Griffin 1.2 Slight non-essential consistency fixes to Wolfen, Lion and Griffin cards
May 2013 Scorpion 1.1 Slight non-essential fixes to Scorpion cards; Razeem and Zakhil Prime icon fixes
May 2013 Lion 1 Original release of Lion cards
Apr 2013 Griffin 1.1 Slight fix to the cannon cards in the Griffin army
Apr 2013 1 Original release of Griffin, Wolfen and Scorpion cards

Army Tracker

Date Version Changelog
Jan 2014 1 Excel Army Tracker original release


  • Todd E. says:

    Thanks for the cards. They will help game play for newcomers and veterans of the game. Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok was where i started collecting Rackham miniatures. It is still a great game and now have alot of the metal figures also.

    • Universal Head says:

      I’ve put a truly frightening amount of time and money into this game over the last six months, it certainly does stimulate the collecting bug. Finally got my first game in the other day (Ram vs Lions) and had a fantastic time (to my great relief!)

      • Jose Septien says:

        Here too. Super large collection of Rackham. Finish painting the box set of goblins warstaff. Starting the dwarf clan box set. Awesome game/incredible sculptures.

      • Christoph says:

        Thanks for all your work on this- it’s really an amazing site for the game and resources to play it.

  • Mortikar says:

    I have recently got into this game. I am thankful to people like you who benefit the gaming community at large. Thank you and take care!

  • ludwig says:

    just a question :the extra profiles are official or custom

    • Universal Head says:

      The extra profiles (and extra rituals, communions and artifacts) are all official, and come from the supplementary army lists that Rackham released to cover some of their older metal miniatures.

      • ludwig says:

        thank you ; just for curiosity, where this supplements appeared?

        • LordUnborn says:

          They are available out there on the web. I have all of them for each faction that Rackham made. They also released 4.0 style cards for each model they had. The file is quite large (over 100mb) but I am sure that I can put it up on my dropbox for you. You can shoot me a Geekmail at BGG at the same username as I posted here if you want them. I am not sure who hold the Copyrights any more. I THINK it is CMoN but they are supposed to be putting out a 4.5 or 5th edition (myself I like the ease of play for the 4th edition).

  • LordUnborn says:

    Oh and UH Thank you so much for all he hard work you put into a dead game. I wish I could get more people to play both this and AT-43.

    • Universal Head says:

      I’m with you freaky undead baby pic person. They’re both great games and I really enjoying collecting and playing them. They may be dead but they live on!

  • Tagz says:

    How does the perforating shot work again?

    • Universal Head says:

      It’s just what’s on the card (though I should remove that original reference to ‘the perforating shot rules’) – perforating shots can eliminate more enemies than there are marksmen. In ranged combat, usually a salvo cannot eliminate more targets than there were weapons used.

      • Tagz says:

        Sorry a bit slow here, how does the ballista kill more people if it only has one shot?

        • Universal Head says:

          I’m a newbie to this game too so, in general, the best place for questions about it is probably Boardgamegeek. But if you need to justify the rule I would think the ballista arrow is so big and fast it goes through multiple ranks. Also, ballistae could fire both arrows and balls (the crew figures carry both).

  • Webwarrior says:

    Hi guys,

    I have a question about FEAR.
    For example half of Guardians unit died in Wolfen Hunters attack. The unit should take FEAR 5 test. Does this mean I have to roll the dice and have natural 5 or more to stay in battle? What if unit has banner keeper (+2 to courage).
    Another one. The unit of Knights (Lions) – 5 Courage, with Red Liones (Mounted) – 11 Courage, has Hyperian Courage ability what causes FEAR to frightening enemies. Does that mean Frightening enemy should pass FEAR 11 Courage test? And does that mean auto-fail for the frightening unit? 🙂
    Please help! 🙂

  • Webwarrior says:

    Hi everybody,

    Please let me share my Confrontation: AOTR Army Calculator with you.
    Easy to use army points calculator for C: AOTR
    Currently includes:
    – Wolfen Army (all fighters)
    – Griffin Army (all fighters)
    – Lions Army (all fighters)
    – Example of Wolfen and Lions Armys (3000 AP, ready to play)

  • Webwarrior says:

    Hi guys,

    Please note I have found couple errors in following cards.
    Scorpion Army:
    Cloning Tank Unit. Cost of STD unit is 50ap and cost of the extra fighter is +75ap, but the max cost is 100ap.
    Looks like the extra fighter cost should be +50.

    RAM Army:
    Following units don’t have cost parameters:
    – Abyssal Skull Warriors
    – Necromancer Skull Warriors
    – Toxic Scull Warriors
    – Regenerating Skull Warriors

    Thanks a lot for your hard work!

    • Universal Head says:

      Sorry for the delay. I roped in my friend Cory on this one as he’s far more experienced than I and helped me create the cards. He says:

      “Everything looks right with what we have. Yes, it would seem that an extra fighter would be 50AP, but it is correct according to the official errata. I’m sure the added cost for ‘extra’ fighters was supposed to interact with abilities like the (Scorpion) Theben disadvantage: The standard and maximum number of fighters in infantry units is reduced by 1, with no change to the strategic values. However, the player may pay the cost of an extra fighter to reach the original number.

      Also, the Skull Warriors don’t have point costs on their cards, because their cost is included with units of Thralls, which state how many Skull Warriors you get with the size that is listed. There are points on the Black Paladin Skull Warriors, because those are added at discretion, paying the +125 for 0 to 2 to be added.”

  • Webwarrior says:

    Hi guys,

    I have spotted folofing Ability in the card of Melkion mage of Griffins:
    Focus Each time Melkion performs an Energy test he rolls an
    additional number of dice equal to his Energy value. These are
    not bonus dice, so they can be rerolled.
    I have tryed to find it in a Tample rulebook and didn’t find it.
    Can you please check if it’s correct or not?
    If it’s correct – Melkion is a really dangerous mage 🙂


  • Tagz says:

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone provide me a good army builder for confrontation, the one in open r community tools works fine with the at-43 data base but there seems to be a bug when confrontation data files are used.


    • Universal Head says:

      I have a simple Numbers/Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my armies that has a calculate function—nothing fancy but it does the trick. Would that help?

  • Tagz says:

    Yup that would do it. thanks.

    • Universal Head says:

      There you go, added. Not all of the extra units are included (ie the ones in the extra lists that covered older models). The only thing it does automatically is add up the last right hand side column of total points. There are also some sample army lists I’ve been fiddling with included, but they’re tailored to my personal collection (as is the whole thing, really, but you may find it useful).

  • Karl says:

    The link for the army cards are not working. Getting 404 page not found.

  • chavaseptien says:

    Love confrontation 3 and 4 edition. Glad to find this site and have both of Rackham games. Really awesome. Huge work on the metal miniatures, big collection and slowly armies are getting ready for battle. Was lucky to find all the rules, cards and a.p. value for all the armies (metal and plastic) in 4th edition. Huge universe and sad never saw the light. May be some day.

  • CWG says:

    I JUST started picking up this game because I found some of the stuff dirt cheap. I feel extremely lucky that I happened to pick up the same discontinued minis game that UH did, because all of this is a huge help. Thanks, UH!

  • Johnnyhillgrove says:

    Confrontation AotR is my favorite miniatures game of all time and I played it all the time during its days. I hope you don’t mind that I them advertise for a game called Drakerys that’s coming out later this year. The rules seem super similar and so does the art. I for one will be using my old confrontation collection for this game.
    Great work Univetsal Head. Always brings me great joy to find people that enjoy this great game!

    • Drakerys looks interesting, I completely missed that Kickstarter campaign. Looks like they lifted that universal action table idea from Confrontation! I like the scenery they’re making, though it’s pricey. Wish they’d make the rules available for download. Anyway, it’s a nice looking game, I’ll keep an eye on it.

      • I had a look at the Drakerys gameplay videos, and I must say that really is a big copy of Confrontation’s universal action table system. The game seems targeted to a bit of a ‘beginner’ demographic, but the miniatures and production look nice.

  • Marios says:

    I am new at the game, bought griffin and wolfen armies through discounts and I have my eyes open for some metal minis. I have to admit that the universe is EXCELLENT, rules are elegant and easy to learn. Elixir, magic, what a great game! I wish this game to be alive and now with support and new miniatures too (prepainted or not), maybe one day in the future…
    These cards are extremely helpful, the game to run fast because they have all the details on them.
    This is MY BEST FANTASY wargame and it scales great from small to bigger army.

    • Thanks Marios. I agree with you, it’s a great game. Strangely, I quite like the fact it’s no longer in print, because I don’t have to keep up with endless waves of new releases! 🙂

  • Miniton says:

    I see a lot of different rule sets out there, what should I be using with these cards and mini’s?
    thank you,

  • Otasolgryn says:

    Good day. I have just now discovered this post, and i love that there are onfo for the game! I have bought sooo very many of the confrontation minis, and would love to get into this game. I notice however, that there are only cards for some of the factions. These are all released?

    But thx for getting me interested in confrontation again!

    • Hi Otasolgryn. All this information is for the 4th edition of the game, so all the factions that were represented in that edition are here. Unfortunately I don’t have any support for earlier editions and their armies. Happy gaming!

  • Brian says:

    Hey guys, I was hoping to purchase some of the last Lahnar’s Paladins of the Lions expansion for me and a friend on, but they recently have been sold out. Do you know of anywhere I can purchase two of these packs?

  • PS I’m working on a revamp of all these unit cards at the moment.

  • CK Lai says:

    eBay for sure if you want to get the minis, but they really should rename it FLEECEBay for the prices they are asking!

    • Mark says:

      Hehe, +1 for this comment CK, it’s gotten frankly ridiculous. I’ve never understood why people clamour so badly for miniatures of a dead game. Understand I’m only saying that because I wish I could afford more of them 😛

      • I spent quite a bit building up good-sized armies for all 5 factions about 2-3 years ago, and enjoyed the collectable aspect of doing that, but there’s so little left and prices are so high that I think it’s probably too late to do that now without a silly amount of disposable income.

        • CK Lai says:

          Too true, that. It’s sad, but… eBay is no longer the place to find stuff at a decent price… or rather, it’s getting harder and harder to find.

  • The card lists are awesome…. Is there any way of easily making a printer friendly option?
    Also.. maybe I am missing it but do you have any sort of checklist for what was actually published so I can figure out what (if anything) I still need to track down?

    Thanks so much for these awesome things as always!

    • Hi Patrick:

      – If you mean B&W by ‘printer friendly’, no. I suggest you print in greyscale using the options in your print dialog.

      – Everything that is in the army unit cards files are what was released. Some figures were in plastic (the pre-painted plastic released with this 4th edition), some were in metal (the older figures given 4th edition stats), but I cover every figure that was given statistics for this last version of the game, both in the army books and the later extra PDFs that (roughly) gave stats to older metal minis.

      – Just a note that you might find it very difficult (and expensive) to track down decent armies of these figures these days.

      – I’m still working on an updated v2 of the unit cards, but it might take some time as it’s a mammoth job. Griffon and Ram are just about done, but I haven’t started on the other 3 factions yet. Keep this in mind if you print out all the cards now and print costs are a big issue for you. Sorry, I can’t give you exact timelines on when these will be finished.

      • By printer friendly I actually meant more effective use of the space on a page. I was going to print on card stock and wanted to have minimal waste. Ink wasn’t my concern when I asked that question. I understand a lack of a concrete timeline.. .life tends to get in the way! haha.
        I actually have most of the 4th edition now. I was just trying to figure out how much of it I was actually missing.
        Thanks again!

        • Yes, that aspect of the design has been improved a lot in the v2 files. I can post up Griffon and Ram but the others will take a while yet – they’re very, very fiddly and time-consuming projects. Glad to hear you’re playing the game!

  • Can'tfrontation says:

    thank you so much for your hard work. i have downloaded the card files and the army tracker spreadsheet, but when i click on the rules summary, it gives me a 404 – file not found error.

    • Sorry about that – fixed. Nice subject title! 🙂

    • Note – if you’re about to print them, note that v2 of the Griffin and Ram cards are coming soon.

      • Can'tfrontation says:

        thank you for fixing that link. these really are great. my friend and i decided to dust off these great miniatures and give it another try. our armies are as complete as possible. we are the small minority that LOVED the idea of pre-painted minis. I like to play games, i do not like to model. thanks for keeping this resource alive.

  • CK Lai says:

    Hi UH… many thanks for the rules and cards. I’m about to give Confrontation a try. But I’ve 1 question and 1 suggestion.

    Question: what’s the size of the battlefield? The rules don’t say (or I’ve not been able to find it). I’ve seen online some folks saying it’s 4 x 4 and some say 4 x 6?

    Suggestion: For the Incarnate cards, would it be possible to add info for “Unit formation” : “[Incarnate] can join any [army] unit”? I think that’s the only bit of info missing from the cards.

    • Can'tfrontation says:

      i don’t think that the size of the battlefield matters too much, as long as you have the 30cm “neutral zone” that separates deployment zones. my friends and i play on a table that is approximately 5′ x 5′, and our games have been great.

  • Can'tfrontation says:

    Question: is there a list of errata or FAQ’s that you are pulling this information from to make the cards? we came across an artifact last night that has different values on the cards. “Seal of Verion” is a reserved artifact for Melkion (Lion Incarnate). the cost of the artifact in the book is zero, but costs one on the card. the cost to use the seal’s spell is five mana in the book, but zero mana on the card.

    • I assume you mean Meliador? You’re correct, that’s a mistake. If you ever find any more, let me know. This was a huge project, and while it was proofread many, many times, errors still get through.

      There were army book addenda and an overall errata, and these rules and cards take them all into account. I’ve now made them available here.

  • Can'tfrontation says:

    THANK YOU for all the new stuff added!

  • CK Lai says:

    v.2 looks great! Can’t wait for the rest of the factions 🙂

  • This is awesome. I just have to say that again!

    Now I just need to figure out what all I still need to track down. haha.

  • Dreddnought says:

    Hey UH…Okay, I took the confrontation plunge a little while ago. And you know, I can’t not make the units I don’t have so I started making Scorpion’s Jadharis Clones out of extra skorizes (I would send pictures but for the photobucket thing). I was bashing away on the special fighters and was wondering what their abilities were so I checked your (most wonderful) cards and noticed that their card has the text for neuromancer in place of the Geno-Technician, the musician and the standard bearer (typo or maybe you don’t have their abilities?). I have tried to find it elsewhere but am having no luck. Do you have the abilties of those three special fighters? They are close to done and I want to introduce them to the wolfen.

  • Reed McClune says:

    Love this game and the assistance you provide for it, but have you ever play Chronopia. It was excellent too

  • Samuel says:

    Hi there, did you ever finish the wolfen 2.0 cards?

    • I haven’t played Confrontation for a long time, but it’s a project I’d like to return to. I’ll try to finish all the updates around Xmas this year.

      • Samuel says:

        Thank you! BTW, you have done a great service for this game. I have been struggling trying to figure out how to introduce my wife to this game. Since the information is spread out amongst cards and books, I figured I would have to create a cheat sheet with all their powers handy. Thankfully, you already did that!

        What brought me to your site was me searching for how to incorporate the extra characters not found in the army books into the game. It wasn’t enough to have their new cards since you needed to find their powers and figure out how they properly integrated into the game. How were you able to solve for that with your version 2.0 cards? Did Rackham release that information later on in the game’s life cycle?

        Thank you again!

        • I have no idea how anyone would have played the game originally, you’d have to be constantly flipping through army books. As for the extra characters, Rackham released their stats in PDFs – check the Legacy Material links above. Though I think my cards include all the information you get.

  • Samuel says:

    OK, one more question. I’m trying to use the Dragon’s army Titan, Cynwall Wrym. In the other armies, his stats are listed as normal sans his titanic abilities. Would I just use the original 3.0 confrontation cards that had his titanic abilities? I’m not sure how compatible they would be in this version. Is this information provided in another document somewhere?

    • Sorry Samuel, I have no idea. This version only had one rules rollout and there are lots of balance issues (I heard that Belial is insanely overpowered, for example), so I suggest you just use what works for your game.

  • Samuel says:

    Hello, just checking in to see if you made any progress updating to see if you had any progress on the scorpion and wolfen cards.


  • Samuel says:

    Thank you Peter for your kind words and for helping keep this great game alive! I really appreciate your professionalism and your desire to get things right. The days spent on editing these cards over and over again as we strove for a level of perfection was worth it now that I see the beautiful final product!

    Thanks again for your commitment to this project. On to the next army. 🙂


    I know you are probably tired of working on these cards but here’s a couple of typos/corrections/suggestions for the Scorpions

    Syhar Sighthounds: you have 4 figs in the unit, previously it was 3 and the Std unit cost suggests 3

    Nefarious Prime: You show the second attack as a ranged attack. All of his attackes are melee

    Keratis Warriors: Looks like you got the pictures reversed on these 2 cards(trying to be helpful, not nitpicky) and the shield symbol used to be 5 for the warrior with the sword and shield

    Jadharis Clones Special Fighters: Special Abilities 0-2 Geno-Technician: Mana 3 – Plasmatic Silicate: Spell cost 5. Fighters in this unit gain Sacred Armour – ST tests are read one column to the left (against a fighter in this unit). 0-1 Musician: Wall of spears Tactic: If in formation, cancel one attack success against this unit. 0-1 Standard Bearer: +2 Courage.

    Sorry, don’t remember my source for that last one


    • No, I appreciate all corrections – these and the AT-43 cards are absolutely huge jobs and errors can creep despite multiple proofreading passes. I’ll make these changes and update the cards asap. Thanks!

    • Samuel says:

      Thanks for double checking! As Peter said, so much to review that it’s easy to miss things! I’m curious about the Musician Wall of Spears tactic. It makes sense and it’s a good fit but I don’t see it listed in the Other PDFs document. Perhaps it was a rule in Rag’Narok? The Musicians for all the “Other Armies” didn’t have their powers transferred over most of the time so its somewhat difficult to figure out what power they should have had.

  • James says:

    Hey folks. I have a new starter Box (Wolfen+Griffon), the rulebook, all CAoR army books and a huge Dirz army (mostly metal) for sale. Anybody interested just contact me at

  • Dreddnought says:

    Hello Peter, Just working on building a proxy army for the Griffin and noticed a couple of things on the cards. Knights of Redemption 5 has no equipment/abilities showing.

    The Thallion Riders AP costs look a bit wonky. First the extra fighter cost of 50 AP doesn’t look right. Second the cost for 6 at 550 and the cost for 9 at double that (1100 AP) doesn’t make sense.

    Okay, I looked it up while typing this. The extra materials show the unit sizes as Standard 3 and Max 6 with costs 550 +190 PEF and 1100 respectively.

      • Tristan says:

        Hello Peter,
        Sorry to bombard you on two fronts.
        I came across some more errors of higher degree recently and thought I’d better leave them here.

        – Alteration/alteration on Kain card (Ram)
        – Aldenyss & Alahel cards (Lion) incomplete: missing abilities and artifact #.
        – Number of skull warriors per thrall unit count should be handled like the biopsists on the clones card since they are required fighters with varying # and not optionally numbered special fighters.
        – Some indication that Scorpio crew is x2 members.
        – Lion artifacts: Ranged symbols on every artifact where Hand to Hand symbols should be, except for Caelias artifact.
        – Orhain’s (wolfen) miracle “divine ruling” costs 5 faith (missing).
        – Howls 1 ap: (Artifact Point): Add indication or change since It is not the same as army point and potentially confusing.
        – There are 4 Scorpion Artifacts missing that are in their Army Book; Symbiotic armor, Technomagic routine, The Perfect Code, The Treatise of Alchemy.
        Side note: Atlas treatment, Companion of Torments and Experimental clones aren’t present in the army book (only pdf). Differently, the Ram pdf has what are more obviously earlier renditions of many of the book artifacts, spells, etc.
        These scorpion ones seem functional and unique however so I support their inclusion, if only to keep the game expanded having being cut short.
        If this is a logic, then 1 ritual in the Ram pdf that was neither altered nor made the cut, is Spectral fog.

        P.S. Would it be okay for me to share the cards I’ve been working on for the remaining factions here? They aim to achieve the same function, pulling all the information from the pdf’s to cards only. I’ve edited and double sided the existing cards to achieve this in an efficient manner. So far I have completed the Minotaur, Hyena and Serpent.

        I am also working on a Game Aid that hopes to better round these other armies by giving them banners and artifacts, based on earlier version content. With help from Samuel!

        • I’ll get onto this as soon as I have time, thanks Tristan. As for sharing new stuff, let me take a look at it (send to my email). I’d like to avoid this page becoming a place for anyone to put up their fan stuff as it would quickly get out of hand (I worked with Samuel on doing his new armies in the same style as my previous ones and that was a one-off, so that was different). We’ll see.

  • Grant says:

    question for the Dragons. For “Draconic Pact”, the wording says ‘unit of dragons, no special fighters’; does that refer to any unit in the Dragon army including a 1 mini unit of Cyn Dragons?

    • Tristan says:

      Taking precedence from the older version of Draconic Pact, pretty sure this would be the summoning of a Dragon (unit), so 1 dragon, yes..

  • Robert Smith says:

    This is great Peter. I’m glad you allowed the extra materials from Tristan. Very nice quality. This is a top notch resource for Confrontation 4. The only one of its kind that I can find, that is so complete.

  • Valorel says:

    I just found your page and you have done an amazing job ! Thank you so much for all your work and making it available. I’m just going back to Rackham’s world and wanted to give a try to age of rag’narok and you made it so muche easier. I hope to try the game soon.

    • Enjoy! This was a HUGE project and I’m glad the occasional person still finds it useful.

      • Valorel says:

        I’m currently printing the cynwall cards and just found a mistake : Pulsars have 2 attack dices.
        Thanks again for all your work !

        • Myself and several other people have gone through all my documents many times, and I’ve spent countless hours updating them. If you do find an error, please do the following:
          1. Make sure it’s an error. There may be a later FAQ or some other weird document that updates the original army books.
          2. Compile all your feedback into one email in one go and send it to me.

          I’m happy to fix errors, but after such an incredible amount of time spent on this, I’m not happy to them piecemeal (it’s a long process getting the files, updating them, reporting them, uploading them, and updating the site) – or worse, spend time only to discover the person sending me the error has made the error.


  • Valorel says:

    Yes, of course, I understand, Sorry ! I just happened to see this, I’ll look at almost everything and will do as you said. Thank you for all your hard work !

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