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Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Battle Report

Whatever you plan to do, do it now!

I’ve finally got a fully painted game of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings to the table—and with some new opponents!

One of the many, many annoying things about the Covid-19 epidemic is that my old gaming buddy Will won’t be gracing these shores for quite some time. In the interim, I’ve had to cast about for other opponents! Of course that makes it sound that any alternative is a poor one, and that’s simply not so, as I’m lucky to have several excellent gaming friends in the local area. You’ve met Dylan, with whom I play two-player games every week. Now meet Andy and Ed! We haven’t played a lot of games together yet but the ones we have played have tended to be of the tabletop battle variety. My first ever game of Conquest was with Andy, and now here’s the second—with fully painted armies and filmed for your enjoyment! Settle back and relax, this is feature film length …

(My apologies for the steadily encroaching darkness—I had the camera set on manual and, engrossed in the game as I was, entirely forgot to update the settings as the evening progressed and the light changed.)

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